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HK Escorts Recruitment HK Escorts is always looking out for the best female Escorts. We look for young girls and women that have personalities, unique and great. They should be well educated, self-motivated starters and charming. If you think the Escort profile suits you the most and that you would be able to provide our clients with mind blowing Escort HK services. If you feel you are up to it and would like to enroll for employment with Hong Kong Escort Services, drop us a line and we’ll be on it.

It is important that you should be of the age specified, which means 18 to 35. As an escort, you are expected to accept the terms and conditions of, especially the fact that you are self-employed in our Escort Services. It is to be noted, all the information including Escort Services photos that you send to us are going to be in utmost privacy and confidence and you can be rest assured of this.

Applicants from Hong Kong need to be well-versed in any of the local languages with English as a must, we serve international clients too. A valid passport should be held by the Escort at the time of applying, especially if you aren’t a native citizen of Hong Kong. Visa requirements if any, must be met by the applicant before you live and work here. If an Escort applicant doesn’t have any of the two or both, their application for the same shall be considered null and void.

Below is a form which needs to be filled and a recent photograph of the applicant should be uploaded too, to be considered for Hong Kong Full Escort Services. At present, is looking out for new escorts to come and work across all regions of HK. There are in-call and out-call Hong Kong Full Escort Services.

We request all Hong Kong Escort Girls to your photos to While the application is being submitted, ensure that you send across photos with the highest possible resolution. Only scanned and digital images would be accepted for employment as an Escort in Hong Kong. There’ll be no dearth of work if you are the right person, as Hong Kong is a happening place.

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