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HK Escorts Frequently Ask Question HK Escorts
HK EscortsQ: How does a customer contact

If you or someone you know would like to experience the best Hong Kong escort services, you have come to the right place. To get in touch with us, the easiest method would be via phone. One can also SMS or send us an with their requirements to make an appointment or booking. For faster replies however, a phone call would be the best. Just in case you have sent us an or a sms for a Hong Kong Massage, and a considerable amount of time has passed, please call!

HK EscortsQ: Do all escorts undergo testing and bloodwork?

Yes, all of our Escort HK at undergoes regular bloodwork and testing. Under no circumstances shall any of our Hong Kong Escort Services be provided to clients without the same. Our Escort Services are trained to provide customers with the best satisfaction and they perform only HongKong Adult Entertainment deemed fit and safe, keeping them clear of infections and health risks of any kind. We request clients not to ask our Escort Services Hong Kong for any services which would place their lives at risk in future; such requests are declined in a jiffy.

HK EscortsQ: Are the girls displayed on galleries for real?

Yes, we do not fib and make stories; our Hong Kong Massage Escorts are for real. It has been more than a decade now that has been in this industry. Our reputation has been that of excellent Hong Kong Full Escort Services, with dignity and honesty. Every single Hong Kong Asian Escort for the escort services has been interviewed by our staff and hand picked. We assure you 100% originality with the pictures and gallery profiles shown here.

HK EscortsQ: What are your modes of payment?

At present we accept paypal only. For other modes of payment, please call us!!

HK EscortsQ: What is an overnight service?

An overnight service is provided by an Escort in Hong Kong for twelve hour companionship. It could be 8pm to 8am or 10pm to 10am, the choice is yours. For further information and rates or services from Hot Girls, please get in touch with phone lines now.

HK EscortsQ: Is it important to tip the escort and do you accept American dollars?

Q: Is it important to tip the escort and do you accept American dollars?

HK EscortsQ: What are the various escort services that provides?

For more information on the various in-call and out-call services, including Massage in Hong Kong provided by, please call or check our page

HK EscortsQ: I've been calling the given phone number on the site but no one answers? Why?

If you are calling on with held number that would be the only reason we did not answer your call. Please check your phone settings and try again.

HK EscortsQ: Are the escorts see couples?

Yes, some of female escorts do entertain couples as well. Please call us on the agency number for further information.

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