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A sexy night with one of the best escorts you’ll find in all of Hong Kong is already the stuff dreams are made of, but it’s quite possible that you have more specific fantasies in mind. We all have our own distinct fantasies that we’d like to come true, but it’s not always so easy to find someone to fulfill those fantasies with. That’s where our lovely girls come in. Our Hong Kong escort ladies are experts at taking your fantasies out of your mind and bringing them into reality, and it will certainly lead to an experience that you won’t soon forget.

Uniforms and Role Play

While we believe in engaging every one of your senses with tantalizing excitement at HK Glamour Girls, we realize that when it comes to role playing and fantasy fulfillment, the visual sense is extremely important. That’s why we offer all of the uniforms you could need to make your role playing dreams come true.

Role playing is a very popular type of fantasy, and with our Hong Kong escorts, you will find that role playing is better than ever. Why? Because during your first experience with someone, it is much easier to get into your specific roles, and our ladies are experts at being whoever you want them to be, as well.

Our gorgeous girls will show up for any booking with a couple of popular costumes with them, just in case you want to try something out during your time. However, we also have additional choices available upon request if you want to do something outside of the popular choices like the naughty French maid, the sexy nurse, and so on. Just let us know what your fantasy is, and we will always do our best to fulfill it. The right uniform and the right girl will take your fantasy to the next level.

Domination Submission

There are plenty of individuals who are more than happy to have a straight-forward experience with one of our gorgeous, sexy escort companionship at HK Glamour Girls. However, for everybody who wants a great dinner date, an erotic massage to remember, or an encounter that will leave them breathless, there is somebody who needs something…more.

If you are into domination, you’ve got the right people. Each of The Hong Kong Escorts at HK Glamour Girls will happily become your sexy servants, responding to your commands and doing your bidding. They will show up ready to please you and do what you say, and you will be able to be the dominant person you already know you are.

Of course, you may prefer to change it up a bit and be the submissive person for once. If that’s what you need, our ladies are all too willing to oblige. They can appear before you, clad in sexy leather or latex, ready to make you lick their boots, beg for mercy, or do whatever comes into their dirty little minds. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget as you put yourself at the foot of a beautiful and brutal dominatrix like those that we have to offer. Spice things up a bit with a booking today.


The act of passion itself can provide untold, unimagined pleasure, but what about the sweetness of anticipation? Anybody knows that the best way to increase your enjoyment of something is to add to the anticipation, and the best way to do that is with the ancient art of striptease. Striptease is something that our stunning girls know a lot about. If your only exposure to striptease is what you’ve seen at a gentleman’s club, you haven’t seen what our girls can do. Enjoy a striptease that for once, isn’t just a tease, and instead is the appetizer for the main course to come.

Geisha Services

There are some fantasies that are not only decades, but centuries old, and harken back to a more sophisticated time of class, grace, and forbidden passions. That is where the fantasy of the Geisha comes in, and we understand that both visitors and locals alike in Hong Kong are very curious about exploring the legend of the Geisha. Fortunately, our Hong Kong escorts are more than up to the task of transforming into one of those mysterious, traditional ladies of pleasure.

Imagine what a Geisha can do to you, if you can. There are no limitations to the relaxation and care she can provide, with such services as a relaxing bubble bath where she sponges you down, exploring your body sensuously as a precursor for what is to come. She will light candles and use delicate, scented oils to arouse both of your passions. She will be your fantasy come alive.

The Geisha experience is the chance to do something unique that you will certainly never forget. You can discover for yourself the sensual truths behind an ancient tradition that has tantalized men for centuries now. Once you have been with a Geisha, you will always yearn for their touch.


We are all aroused by something different. Some like to give in to the passion of the moment right away, throwing caution to the wind. Others like to take their time and be teased before the moment of ultimate passion arrives. Then, there are those who like to watch.

To a voyeur, there is much to gain from the danger of watching a beautiful woman who is unaware. What if she catches you? What will her reaction be? There is something forbidden about watching a woman as she disrobes, takes a bath, or better yet, pleasures herself. This is what happens when she is completely unaware of you being there, when she goes to that special, sensual place where she can be herself.

Fulfill all of your voyeuristic fantasies with one or more of our girls at glamorous Hong Kong Escort Agency. These beautiful and mysterious women are more than happy to let you feast your eyes on them as they interact with themselves, or even each other, if you prefer. And if you get hot and steamy during your time watching, you may just be invited to join the festivities…if you have behaved and been a good boy, that is. Your fantasies are waiting, so book today.

Hot Vibrator Show

Playtime is not over in fact, it has not even begun yet. If you didn’t know “playtime” could be sexy, you clearly haven’t spent enough time with our beautiful escort girls in Hong Kong. Our HK Glamour Girls are ready to entertain you with what we call the Hot Vibrator Show, where the girls will explore their own bodies as you watch, nearly unable to contain your arousal while you watch her pleasure herself. Imagine the wetness, the moans of pleasure, the sexiness of the entire experience, and then try to think of any reason that you should not be booking one of our ladies right now.

Three’s Company

There are some men who cannot have their urges sated by just one woman, no matter how amazing she is. They require double the excitement and pleasure, so they go for our popular Duo package. Then, there are those that need even more enjoyment and can handle something even more amazing- not one or two, but three gorgeous ladies all at once.

Imagine it, three wonderfully sexy girls all to yourself. No one else around to take their attention from you. Instead, the girls are all focused solely on you. Of course, they may take a little time to please one another, too. So just imagine…three times the delicious thighs, three times the full, soft breasts, and three times the moist lips. All looking to give you the experience of a lifetime with our Three’s Company package.

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